About Us

TextilProfesional.es is the web page of RAFAEL CARREÑO S.L.

In Rafael Carreño S.L. we are dedicated to the manufacture and sale of bed sheets, pillows, towels and textile accessories for the home, hotels, apartments, residences, etc.


The Management of RAFAEL CARREÑO, S.L. establishes that Quality is the fundamental pillar that sustains its business management policy and serves for the search of critical points that help to improve the control of the processes, maintaining a commitment to the Prevention of Contamination, including the conservation of natural resources and energy.

The organization aims to ensure that the quality of the products offered meet the requirements of each customer, while performing a correct environmental management, thus ensuring the long-term success of the company. For this, the following principles are established:

1. Product Quality and correct Environmental Management throughout the cycle is the result of planned and systematic actions of PREVENTION OF POLLUTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

2. The contractual requirements, customer expectations, legal requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes to. are the only criterion to establish the pattern of the quality of our products.

3. Quality requirements and contractual requirements are translated effectively into specifications that are communicated to suppliers in a timely and complete manner.

4. The Quality and Environmental Management is a common work of all the areas of the company, each one of them assumes that it is the client and supplier of departments and people of the organization.

5. Each employee of RAFAEL CARREÑO, S.L. is responsible for the quality and environmental management of his work. The Responsible for Quality and Environment is responsible for promoting the implementation of the Policy and Objectives of Quality and Environment, verifying their execution through audits.

6. The implementation of this Policy requires the integration of the entire human team of the company, therefore, the Management considers priority the actions of MOTIVATION AND TRAINING.


All the manufacture is designed and made in our facilities in Granada -SPAIN-, which currently have more than 10,000 m2.

The rigorous manufacture of our clothes, using the most modern machinery on the market, ensures the perfect adaptation for the use of the same, taking into account the specific needs of the user.

WE MAKE INNOVATION and we have Certificates in UNE EN ISO 9001, guaranteeing in this way the quality in all the manufacturing process, as well as the certification of all our products according to the ECO-Tex 100 standard.

A long time ago we acquired a commitment to quality. A commitment that unites us to a land where, for generations, we started to supply our products. Therefore, all our sheets are made entirely in Spain, and today, we proudly wear the "Made in Spain".


The catalog that we show counts on the effort of an expert and dynamic team, able to offer products for professionals.